Photo by Court Leve
Photo by Court Leve

NAME: Michael Tölderer
BORN: 1975 Salzburg, Austria
PROFESSION: Freerider/ Medical Doctor
BASED: Living in Innsbruck Austria with my wife and my daughter
ACHIEVEMENTS AS FREERIDER: Freeride World Tour Champion 2011; FWT Champion Follow up in 2010; Verbier Xtreme Champion 2001;
LATEST FILMS: Jeremy Jones` FURTHER 2012; Warren Millers FLOWSTATE 2012; POINT BREAK 2014; THE WEAKNESS IN THE WALL by Chris Edmands 2014; Whiteroomproductions WHEN THE MOUNTAINS WERE WILD 2015;

MiTch Grew up skiing and ski-racing in the Southern part of the Austrian Alps and found his passion for snowboarding in 87 when he was 12 years old. Since then mitch went through all disciplines of snowboarding, racing gates freestyle, helping to hand-shovel the first halfpipe in Chile around 93, touring on the ISF Boardercross Pro Tour in the late 90´s. Finally he could make a living as a Pro Freerider after winning the most prestigious Freeride Contest, the Verbier Xtreme in 2001. This also opened the doors for him to take part in several international Freeride Film projects.

Influenced by Chris Edmands movie “My own two feet” he starts his splitboard/Snowboard-mountaineering film trilogy “The Hike Series” in 2009. At the same time Mitch was also successfully competing in different International Freeride Competitions around the world, competing 11 times at the infamous Bec de Rosses (Verbier Xtreme) finishing six times on the Podium.

Runner up on the FWT in 2010 and then winning the Freeride World Tour Champion title in 2011 he finally quits the competitive side of freeriding to fully follow his passion for backcountry snowboarding adventures.

Since then Mitch was part of JJ`s Further in 2012, Warren Millers `Flow State´ also in 2012, in Stunt doubling for Point Break II in 2015 and realizing his award winning project `When the mountains were wild´ in 2015 together with the Whiteroom Productions.

Mitch is living with his wife Bibi Tölderer-Pekarek and daughter Lilith in Innsbruck, Austria were they manage to spend a good share of their time on the mountains together.

Mitch is also working as a MD, general practitoner with a diploma for emergency medicine and sports medicine.

His wife Bibi runs a Physical Therapy Studio in Innsbruck ,

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