hike3 – trailer online

Nov 02, 2011 in Norway, WINTER NEWS

To the end of the last season we were driving up my dads campervan filled with snow and surf eqipement to the north of norway. After a weak season in the alps we wanted to hike and ride some lines, meet up with some local friends and than also meet up with the austrian skiers and friends Stefan Häusl and Björn Heregger to film for the third project of our hike series -  hike3.

My initial motivation for the hike series, HIKE, HIKE2ride and now the latest production hike3 was to find out  and also to proof to an audience what kind of freeriding would be possible in our home backcountry and also without the support of helicopters or snow machines.
After realizing the first two movies  in the austrian alps and because of a  ‘lowtide’ snowseason  in our  home mountains this time our search for snow brought us up to the northern part of norway.
The mountains up there are insane, some of them stick right out of the ocean and are about 2000m high. it can be quiet a mission to reach the lines you want to ride so beside some experience and knowledge it is good to bring everything you need for exploring. As days get longer and longer so far north until it doesn’t get dark at all anymore we once had our last run at 10pm before getting up at sunrise at 3am again to hike up for our next mission. The most difficult challenge for us was the weather which was always changing and made it impossible to plan action ahead.
I would say we got it all from bad weather frustration to powder in the woods to magic moments in an unreal beautiful mountain environment….

This year, for the first time, we did put our project in a producers hand, Stefan Tauber from illuminatifilm who than brought our longtime friend and cameraman harry putz along to join us in the norwegian mountains.Thanks to both of them for the great work!
Also thanks to Jarkko Henttonen and Aadne Olsrud for supporting us with their local konwledge and providing a base to stay up there in Tamok Dalen.

here a link to the whole hike series, all trailers plus the first two films on vimeo, not the hike3 movie yet of course:-) : http://vimeo.com/channels/hike

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Tamoks Cauliflowers – hiking and riding a tripy couloir

May 04, 2011 in Norway, WINTER NEWS

On our mission for this years HIKE filmproject in northern Norway we went out for a long day to explore a big bowl. This day Miikka Haast was joining us who has been looking at  a cauliflower couloir he wanted to to hike and ride since a few weeks. When checking out the couloir  we were not sure if we could get all way up to the ridge which would open a lot of options to ride the whole cauliflower face. when we finally really made it up there  miikka sticked to ride the couloir but i changed my plan and decided to go for a line on the face instead. With all the roll-overs in it i was happy to have bibi on the other side of the valley having an eye on me and  assisting me over the radio to navigate my way  through the cauliflowers…

[youtube grnk1fn4dcw]


cauliflower face and couloir view from the bottom

Arriving in Northern Norway

Apr 06, 2011 in Norway, WINTER NEWS

after 4 days of driving our camper up from innsbruck, Austria via Germany, Denmark, Sweden we were welcomed in Norway with a polar light spectacle, thanks for the show!