Snowboarding Praxmarerkarspitze in the Karwendel Mountains

Mar 18, 2013 by mitch in Austria, WINTER NEWS

The Praxmarerkarspitze is specially in winter a very remote mountain. For years i was looking at this mountain and never did see a track on it…did anybody ride it before? would be interesting, if you know anything about it please let me know…Both, the western and the eastern Praxmarerkarspitzen (we road the eastern peak) are 2638m above sealevel and part of the Gleiersch-Halltal-chain in the Karwendel range.
End of February the conditions were good to give it a go together with the snowboarders Max Zipser and my wife Bibi Tölderer-Pekarek.
I edited this little Video about that splitboard trip, enjoy and let me know if you like it…

Snowboarding Praxmarerkarspitze from GoPro Fitnesstraining on Vimeo.



at our camp with the peak in the background


Couloir Day in the Italian Dolomites

Jan 20, 2013 by mitch in WINTER NEWS

Last weekend we were ready for a change of scene. Weather forecast was good south of the alps so we went to the italian Dolomites for a day to climb and ride some couloirs. Although it didnt snow in a few weeks south of the Alps we were still hoping to find some good snow in the protected, north facing couloirs…

See here some raw POV impressions of our day out there with Bibi, Klaus and myself.

hope you enjoy,

PS: if you dont like pov`s dont watch it!

snowboarding the historic hungerburg railway line

Jan 01, 2013 by mitch in Austria, WINTER NEWS

Everytime i was  taking the new train to town over the past years i was looking at the old historical railway line and wondering if it would be possible to ride it once it would have enough snow on it. Last winter we got a lot of snow and it was time to give it a go. Having TGR´s Further crew here at our home  was a great opportunity to get this urban freeride line on film. ride on and stay in balance…

biking for snowboarding – uphill intervals and downhill flow

Oct 01, 2012 by mitch in Austria, summer news

When winter gets closer and i am getting all excited about shredding powder again i also start to intensify my preparation/training for the coming season. One routine i like to do is to integrate intervals when i padle my bike up the mountain. What makes it more fun compared to ‘just’ training routines is that at the end of the way up there is a  fun single trail waiting to be shredded down!

Work on your endurance on the way up and enjoy working on your coordinative skills on the way down :-)

my interval session looks like this:

45min uphill about 600 vertical meters

4 to 5 full on 1,5min intervals with about 5 min easy padle uphill between those high intensity units.

the downhill is a fun single trail all the way down.

Click here to read more about interval training and more on functional fitness training on our GPFT-BLOG


check my interval clip below, have fun…


Surfing the Maldives

Sep 05, 2012 by mitch in Maladives, summer news


Landlocked in austrian summer and a 2 week time window is popping up to go for a surf, where to go? After checking our options we decide for a quick trip to the maldives staying on a charter boat.
Our summer is swellseason in the indian ocean, the water is warm, the waves are supposed to be perfect and it’s only a three hour time difference. Any other consistant working surfdestination during european summer seems to be further away.
It’s not a cheap trip but we want to get the most out of our two week break…

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